Our Technology division teaches a variety of building skills, from using power tools to learning the mechanics behind electronic vehicles. All of our events are hands-on, which provide opportunities to learn how to build machines and structures.

We are re composed of six events: Game On, Helicopters, Mission Possible, Mousetrap Vehicle, Towers, and the build portion of Hovercraft.

Science Olympiad Class

This course is available only to current or prospective members of the Science Olympiad Tech team. Students work under the supervision and guidance of teachers to construct various machines, such as helicopters and hovercrafts, that are used in competitions. They are assessed on effort/teamwork and the quality and success of assigned projects. This course fulfills the 5-tech requirement, if taken for one term, and fulfills the 10-tech requirement, if taken for two. These fulfillments do not overlap, meaning in order to fulfill both 5-tech and 10-tech, one will have to take three terms of the class.


Game On

This event tests ones ability to design and create an original computer game in a given amount of time.


This event challenges you to build a rubber-powered wooden helicopter that can stay flying in the air for as long as possible.

Mission Possible

This event challenges one to perform a fairly simple task in the most complicated fashion using a chain reaction of simple machines.

Mousetrap Vehicle

This event requires members to build the fastest and most accurate vehicle possible, that is powered by mousetraps to control speed and distance.


This event tests one's skills to design and build the lightest tower possible using balsa wood, while carrying the maximum load of weight.

Hovercraft (Build Portion)

This portion of the event challenges one to build a small hovercraft that can bear weight, while also being able to control its speed.