Our physics division is a small but close-knit group that delves into the fundamental concepts of the universe, including forces and motion. Most of our events are standard written tests, but some require building skills, like thermodynamics.

We're composed of four events: Optics, Remote Sensing, Thermodynamics, and the written portion of Hovercraft.



This event has a written and a laser shoot portion. The written portion tests students on concepts concerning light and waves as well as the biology of the eye. The laser shoot portion involves setting up and angling mirrors to deflect a laser beam to a target point.

Remote Sensing

This event teaches students to interpret climate and geographical data collected by satellites, as well as extensive trivia concerning real-life examples of satellites..


T This event includes several sets of thermodynamic laws, heat theories, and trivia on physicists. Additionally, students are expected to construct an insulating device prior to the competition.

Hovercraft (Written Portion)

This portion of the event is a written test, featuring topics concerning the history and physics of hovercrafts.