Our Biology division studies a broad variety of topics ranging from cells and microbial life to the biology of humans and reptiles to the study of populations.

We're composed of five events: Anatomy and Physiology, Ecology, Herpetology, Disease Detectives, and Microbe Mission.


Anatomy and Physiology

This event focuses on the structure and function of specific body systems that will be tested. (This year: Respiratory, Digestive, Immune)


Ecology focuses on ecosystems and populations in-depth, and how certain human activities can change them.


This event involves the study of reptiles and amphibians in depth, discussing specific identifiable features, as well as their anatomy and physiology.

Disease Detectives

This studies epidemiology, such as how diseases can be transmitted across humans. Specific types of illnesses are rotated each year.

Microbe Mission

This event discusses different types of microbes, their cell biology, anatomy, and specific traits.